Anti Bullying

Are your students getting tired of the same bullying programs year after year? 

Try Something Different!

“Snapology is able to approach anti-bullying in a one of a kind way…” -Principal, Grades K-8

It’s Fun, Engaging & Interactive

Snapology uses hands-on activities and celebrity videos to engage children. In our program,the children learn to understand 3 different perspectives of a bully situation; the bully, the victim and the bystander. We focus on empowering the bystander and empathizing with the victim and bully. Through fun activities, children begin understand bullying at a deeper level and are given real actions they can take to curtail a bullying situation. Each student is empowered to commit to something they can do differently the next time they are involved as a bystander, bully or victim.



Snapology is able to approach anti-bullying in a one of a kind way. My students and staff walked away with a unique perspective on how much we as bystanders can make a difference. Incorporating bricks and hands on peer activities resonated with all of the kids. The assembly was a breath of fresh air from the traditional anti-bullying programs that we have been using for many years. I highly recommend this program to schools, even if you all already have an anti-bullying program. It will mesh with what is already being taught and could possibly reach students who are otherwise, disinterested.

Principal, Grades K-8

8th Grade Teacher

The students and I enjoyed the program. The activities made it fun and kept the children engaged. Everything was easy to relate to and it was really effective to get the message across.

Teacher, Grade 8

4th Grade Student

I learned that we need to stand up to bullies. I liked the leader game. I liked all of it. Thank you for letting us play with the LEGO.


7th Grade Student

Today I learned not to bully others and not to just stand and watch somebody get bullied. I enjoyed doing the partners back to back build. I enjoyed making the ducks and also the see and copy game!


6th Grade Student

It also showed me why people are bullies sometimes and the reasons they do it.


3 Options Based on the Needs of Your Students

Assembly Format 

50-150 Students

Typically 1 Hour

Large Group Format 

40-80 Students

Typically 2-4 Hours

Small Group Format

10-25 Students

Typically 2-4 Hours 

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