Scouting Activities

Popular Scouting Activities

1. Robotics Build: 1-2 hr Event 

     – Use laptops and LEGO® bricks to build and program a robotic model. It’s one our favorite scouting activities.

2. Snapology Star Wars Challenge: 1-2 hr Event

     – Design a light saber out of LEGO® bricks to withstand several challenges. Perfect for your scouting event.

3. Snapology Engineering Challenge: 1-2 hr Event

     – Use LEGO® bricks and Snapology’s builds to create a simple machine, such as a catapult, crane or windmill. Earn a scouting badge, pin or award.

4. Snapology Robot Challenge: 3 hr Event

   – Use LEGO® bricks and simple remotes and sensors to build a robot that can complete different challenges. Your scouts will love this one!

5. Snapology Animation: 3hr Event

     – Use LEGO® bricks and stop-motion animation software to create your own story. It’s a nice scouting activity you can take home.

6. Snapology Amusement Park Engineering: 3hr Event

     – Use LEGO® bricks and Snapology’s design plans to engineer rides that work with actual motors. Scouts will be split to work on different builds to create a full amusement park by the end of the session.

7. Customized Event

     – Designed to accomplish your desired goal or achieve a scouting pin, badge or award. We offer dozens of scouting activities for your group.

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  • Dedicated Snapologist to teach your Scouts
  • Custom Options Available
  • Scouts will work in pairs to promote team building
  • SCOUT PATCHES available for an additional cost

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