Are you tired of ineffective meetings where only a few members participate?

Do you have a large project that you need all team members to contribute to?

Are you looking for a new approach to team building?

You’ve Come To The Right Place!


lego serious play team building

In our team building programs, every employee participates equally, feels comfortable contributing and is fully engaged. We’ll ensure your team members improve communication, understanding the underlying issues and take action to make long-term improvements. We’ll create a safe environment for team members to share and participate. Best of all, it’s fun! Your employees will thank you for a refreshing new approach to team building.


lego serious play effective meeting

Boost critical thinking skills with Snapology. Using the Serious Play® methodology, we can tap into a deeper level of thinking. In our programs, 100% of your employees participate, contributing equally and committing to the solution. Say goodbye to meetings where folks are leaned out in their chairs and disengaged. Say goodbye to meetings where 1-2 team members dominate the discussion. Welcome to a new world of effective & efficient meetings!


Best Practices

I learned a lot of useful best practices from each of my team members during the workshop this past week. Thank you for bringing us together to collaborate and share our ideas.

Team Building

Today the water-cooler is overflowing with 'how cool the session was, how I learned a lot about others, loved the creative use of LEGO'...Thank you!



Thank you for a well-paced, productive, engaging workshop. You may find some of my employees trying to sneak into your kids workshops after the fun they had yesterday.

Meeting Facilitation

Great session! We accomplished in 4 hours what we couldn't do in the past 3 months. Amazing method to get folks to collaborate and think through all the barriers to project completion.

Imagine the new ideas and productivity increase you’ll experience when all employees are actively contributing to the conversation.

If you want a different result, you need to do something different.

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