What is Snapology?

It’s a birthday. It’s a class. It’s a camp. It’s a field trip. It’s the best kids franchise. It’s…

a mixture of activities for children ages 1-14, using building toys and technology that combine play with education. Kids have so much fun in our classes, as well as during our camp activities that they don’t even realize they’re learning. We bring the activity or birthday to you, or vice versa. Our Snapology Discovery Centers are an ideal location for your activity! Please note that not all Snapology franchises have a Discovery Center.

Furthermore, Snapology offers amazing children’s franchise opportunities. With our tools, you’ll have no problem setting up your own business offering camp activities, as well as enrichment classes for children. Starting your own Snapology franchise is affordable, flexible, and gives you the chance for quick profitability. Take a look at our Opportunity Guide and see if Snapology, the fastest growing kids franchise, is the right opportunity for you!

Working with Snapology is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Choose an Activity

Enrichment Class (1 hr/day, 4-8 weeks)
Camp (3 hrs/day, 1-5 days)
Workshop (2-3 hrs)
Field Trip or Scouting Event (1-8 hrs)
Birthday Party (1-2 hrs)
Parents Night Out or Play Date (2-3 hrs)
LEGO® Serious Play (some locations)

Choose a Topic (Class)

Themed (i.e. Minecraft®, Superheroes, etc.)
S.T.E.A.M (Science, Engineering, Art, Math)
Robotics (Beginner & Advanced)
Animation (Stop Motion)
Technology (Video Game Design)
Pre-School (fine motor skills, STEAM)
Competitive Teams


Simply call your local Snapology, or schedule an appointment online via your local Snapology’s website. We can’t wait to provide a fun leaning activity for your child or group, and exceed your expectations.  Shh, Don’t tell them it’s educational!

Our Approach

Childrens’ best learning experiences come from interactive activity

Research Based

Our approach is based on proven research; that childrens’ best learning experiences come from actively designing, creating, interacting and inventing. Snapology activities encourage social skills and teamwork, while teaching science, technology, engineering, art, math and literacy concepts.

Goals and Objectives

Snapology offers a variety of activities designed to reinforce the core competencies and curricula being taught at each grade level. Our programs can be customized based on the number of children, age of children, time allotment and/or other special requirements. Our programs and curriculum adapt to your goals and objectives.

Flexible Structure

Our program structure is flexible allowing teachers to adapt to the needs of each unique group of students while allowing children to progress and explore at their own pace.  Additionally, our curriculum is designed to benefit gifted & traditional students as well as children with special needs, including sensory and autism spectrum.


Map Notes:  All Snapology Locations provide programs in their local community (schools, recreation centers, libraries, etc.).  Snapology locations that include a Discovery Center are indicated with a Green Marker.

Sisters & Founders

Lisa & Laura Coe

Snapology is a Pittsburgh-based company founded by two sisters, Lisa & Laura Coe (both with backgrounds in mathematics and science), after observing the love their children had for creative play using building blocks and materials that snap together.

Own a Snapology

We’ll be be there for you every step of the way!

Looking for a children’s Franchise?  Look no further!  Snapology provides the tools necessary to operate and manage a thriving business. Spend 4 days with us to observe the successful operation of our Pittsburgh location. By the conclusion of training, you’ll have the knowledge, materials and education to sell and teach your first class. Snapology’s model is based on collaborative principles. We grow and keep a leading edge using the combined input from all Snapology locations. Our flexible model allows your business to grow the way you wish based on your personal goals. Take a look at our Opportunity Guide to see if Snapology, the fastest growing kids franchise, is right for you.


  • Low start-up cost
  • Low overhead
  • Flexible (part-time or full-time)
  • Programs are affordable for parents
  • Profitable even in a difficult economy
  • Use of Snapology’s guidelines, lesson plans & techniques make ownership easy
  • Broad Territory
  • Continued development of new programs and fresh ideas
  • Collective input from all Snapology franchises
  • Freedom to own your own business

Training & Tools

  • 4-day program at corporate facility
  • Use of name, logos & trademarks
  • Exclusive use of Snapology’s proprietary Operations Manual
  • Access to a proven systems & techniques
  • Development of Professional website
  • Training on accounting software
  • Sales and Marketing Training
  • Marketing & advertising materials
  • Listing of all schools in your territory
  • Materials for Snapology’s Engineering class
  • Initial supply of LEGO® bricks


  • Dedicated support team ready to assist
  • Assistance setting up your legal entity
  • Annual Snapology Franchisee’s meeting
  • Ongoing telephone support
  • Ongoing e-mail support
  • Email forums to communicate with fellow Snapology Franchisees
  • Teacher & employee training videos
  • Social Media strategy & support
  • Access to hundreds of documents and files needed to run your business
  • New program development to promote leading trends

To find out why Snapology is the best kids franchise and to discuss your options, please CLICK HERE.